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Tiered Commission Calculator

Animated calculatorThe common commission rate charged to home sellers is a flat percentage rate. The commission percentage varies across the United States, however, with escalating sales prices, a real estate commission rate of 6% on a $300,000 sale is $18,000. Eighteen thousand dollars in a hot market that requires very little effort to sell a house seems a bit excessive.

For this reason, tiered or split-commission rate percentages are becoming popular with home sellers. The tiered commission calculator provides 5 tiers to calculate a sliding scale commission. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment.

  0 to   %  
  to   %  
  to   %  
  to   %  
  to   %  
  Selling Broker       %  
  Listing Broker       %  

Simple sliding scale commission calculator example

Here's an example of the tiered/sliding scale or split-commission calculator. Just enter the top end of the tier and enter the commission percentage. The broker split percentage is added below. The " % " is built in.

Tiered commission calculator