FHA maximum loan limits for 2018

FHA logoYou might be surprised to know that there are no income or sales price limits with an FHA loan, however, there are loans limits.

The maximum FHA loan limits are set each year by Congress.

Below you will find the “base” FHA loan limits for the Pennsylvania counties. FHA loans that exceed $294,515 for a single family home or condominium are called jumbo FHA loans.

The FHA funding fee can be added to the listed amounts. The minimum down payment with an FHA home loan is currently 3.5%. The down payment and upfront FHA funding fee has changed several times over the last few years. In addition to the upfront mortgage insurance premium, FHA loans also require a monthly mortgage insurance premium (mip). Read more

2018 FHA High Cost County Limits

The high cost county list contains the US counties that are greater then $679,650  (2018).
2018 FHA loan limits in high cost counties (pdf)
2017 FHA loan limits in high cost counties (pdf)
2016 FHA loan limits in high cost counties (pdf)
2015 FHA loan limits in high cost counties (pdf)

2018 FHA Lower Cost County Limits

The lower cost county list contains the US counties that are greater than $294,515   (typical limit for a one unit or single family residence).
2018 FHA loan limits in lower cost counties (pdf)
2017 FHA loan limits in lower cost counties (pdf)
2016 FHA loan limits in lower cost counties (pdf)
2015 FHA loan limits in lower cost counties (pdf)

2016 FHA County Loan Limit Increases (pdf)

A single family home (or condominium) would represent one unit, two family would be a duplex, three family would be a triplex and four unit building. FHA home buyers. Last Revised - 1/1/2018

Current FHA Mortgage Rates

PA CountyOne-Family Two-Family Three-Family Four-Family
Adams County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Allegheny County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Armstrong County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Beaver County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Bedford County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Berks County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Blair County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Bradford County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Bucks County385,250493,200596,150740,850
Butler County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Cambria County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Cameron County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Carbon County372,600477,000576,550716,550
Centre County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Chester County385,250493,200596,150740,850
Clarion County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Clearfield County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Clinton County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Columbia County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Crawford County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Cumberland County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Dauphin County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Delaware County385,250493,200596,150740,850
Elk County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Erie County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Fayette County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Forest County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Franklin County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Fulton County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Greene County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Huntingdon County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Indiana County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Jefferson County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Juniata County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Lackawanna County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Lancaster County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Lawrence County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Lebanon County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Lehigh County372,600477,000576,550716,550
Luzerne County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Lycoming County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Mckean County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Mercer County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Mifflin County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Monroe County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Montgomery County385,250493,200596,150740,850
Montour County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Northampton County372,600477,000576,550716,550
Northumberland County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Perry County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Philadelphia County385,250493,200596,150740,850
Pike County679,650870,2251,051,8751,307,175
Potter County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Schuylkill County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Snyder County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Somerset County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Sullivan County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Susquehanna County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Tioga County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Union County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Venango County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Warren County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Washington County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Wayne County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Westmoreland County294,515377,075455,800566,425
Wyoming County294,515377,075455,800566,425
York County294,515377,075455,800566,425