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Title Insurance & Transfer Tax Calculators

The following calculators will estimate the title insurance and transfer tax for many US states. Several title and transfer tax calculators also include typical closing costs. If you're a mortgage lender or settlement company and are willing to collaborate on a good faith estimate for your state, please contact me by E-mail. You will be recognized as a contributor (good advertising).

Seller Closing Cost Calculators

FHA Calculators

VA Home Loan Calculators

The following states have some county exceptions for high cost counties

VA residual calculator

 The 2021 maximum VA county loan limit for the following counties is $510,400.
VA multi-state calculator


Real Estate Calculators Online

Smiling familyThis page will lead you to a variety of home loan calculators for home buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers & bankers, including a loan estimate calculators.

These web tools will easily estimate buyer and seller closing costs. The free online calculators are made available to you as a self-help tool for illustrative use only. Examples are hypothetical.

We can not and do not guarantee the applicability or accuracy in regards to your individual circumstances. I encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals.

Please send me an E-mail to report any glitches, suggestions, or underwriting changes. If you desire a calculator not listed, please send me a suggestion, I'm always looking for ideas for a new calculator.

1. Buyer cost estimate for Pennsylvania

PA flagPennsylvania home buyers, real estate agents, and even loan officers can easily and accurately estimate the down payment and closing costs for a FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional home loan.

2. Buyer cost estimate X 2 for Pennsylvania

PA flagThis loan estimate is similar to the buyer cost estimate above with one big difference, the format allows you to compare two loan offers/scenarios' side by side. Compare two FHA loans, two conventional, USDA, or VA loans. Mix or match.

3. Seller cost estimate and net proceeds for Pennsylvania home sellers

Finny animated house with for sale signPennsylvania home sellers and real estate agents can easily and accurately estimate the closing costs for a home sale. The home sale calculator will also "reverse" calculate. For example, if the seller desires to net a certain amount, the calculator will recalculate the closing costs to achieve the desired net proceeds. Great tool for offers and counter offers!. Other home sale calculators can be found on the right side bar

4. Listing and home sales price calculator

Finny animated house with for sale signHow much are you going to sell your home for? Use the listing calculator to estimate the closing costs and your net proceeds before putting your house up for sale.

5.  FHA loan and payment calculator

FHA logoThe best FHA loan calculator on the web! Easily estimate the FHA mortgage payment with taxes, insurance, and mip for all 50 states and US territories. The calculator will also estimate jumbo FHA loans. Find the lowest FHA interest rate too! See the side bar for state-specific FHA loan calculators.

6. VA home loan calculator

Veteran's Administration logoThe VA home loan calculator will estimate the VA loan amount and funding fee. The calculator will also estimate jumbo VA loans. See the side bar for state-specific VA loan calculators.

7. USDA home loan calculator

USDA logoDid you know that the USDA home loan does not require a down payment? That's right, zero down, 100% financing. The USDA calculator will estimate the mortgage amount and monthly loan payment.

Easily estimate the per-card & overall credit card ratio percentage for up to 20 accounts.

Find the lowest CD interest rate and calculate the interest payment.

Recently, the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) lowered the minimum down payment to 3% for qualified first-time home buyers. But is it a good program? Is it better than an FHA home loan? Use the comparison calculator and see for yourself.

11. Debt to income calculator

Balancing scaleLenders use a simple calculation to compare the amount of monthly income to monthly debt. The ration between income and debt is called debt to income. The debt to income calculator will estimate the "ideal" monthly loan payment based on income and debt.

12. Discount points calculator

Downward arrowJust how much are discount points? Paying "points" on a loan can actually save you money. The points calculator will estimate the cost of mortgage points. Learn about discount points.

13. Down payment and monthly calculator

Animated arrow pointing downCalculate the down payment cost for a loan and estimate the monthly payment for the traditional principal and interest payment and biweekly and interest only payment for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40-year terms.

14. Extra payments calculator

Making extra payments on your mortgage can drastically reduce the number of years on the loan . . . and can save you a tremendous amount of interest. How many months can you knock off your loan if you make extra payments every month? Find your savings with the extra payment calculator.

15. Home equity explanation and payment calculator

Easy to understand explanation of a home equity loan and payment calculator. Links to the best home equity rates

16. Piggyback loan payment calculator

Animate hand using a calculatorThe piggyback calculator will estimate the first and second loan payment. You can choose purchase and interest, biweekly and interest only options. The piggyback loan is also known as a tandem, combo, and blended-rate mortgage.

What is a millage rate? How do I calculate my tax millage rate? Use the millage rate calculator to estimate your tax rate

17. Monthly debt & refinance calculator

"paid" ink stampThinking about refinancing your mortgage or consolidating your debt?

The refinance calculator will add up your monthly payments and account balances.

18. Mortgage pre-qualification calculator

Year to date calculatorThe pre-qualification calculator is a robust monthly income and debt calculator. The calculator will convert year to date, weekly, bimonthly and hourly income into monthly earnings. The monthly debt component can quickly determine which monthly debt should be paid off and meet the debt to income ratio. Great tool for loan offices!

19. Per diem interest calculator

Bank building drawingDid you know that when you finalize the loan with your lender that you pay interest on the loan from the first day of the month to the day of closing? That's right, the bank never loses, there's not free interest. The per diem interest will calculate the daily interest payment

20. Property tax and proration calculator

Old style adding machine animationJust how much will you get back at settlement for prepaid taxes . . . or, how much will you have to pay the buyer for past due or unpaid real estate taxes? At closing, the real estate taxes will be "prorated". In other words, if the property taxes have been paid, this tool will estimate the taxes paid to you by the buyer at closing. This tool will also estimate the real estate taxes owed to the buyer that have not been paid. Real estate agents find this calculator useful for those "close" deals.

21. Seller paid closing cost (seller assist) calculator

Cartoon hands exchanging money The mortgage programs (i.e., FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional mortgages) all allAnimated new gifow the home seller to pay a percentage of the buyer's closing costs. The closing cost calculator will estimate the seller paid closing costs/

22.  Tiered commission calculator

Here's a calculator for real estate agents who are charging the seller a staggered commission percentage.