Beaver County, PA - Borough, Township & School Phone Numbers

Contained on this page are the phone numbers for school districts, cities, boroughs, towns, and townships in Beaver County.

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Borough, Township, City, and School District Phone Numbers in Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Municipality Phone Number Beaver County School District Phone Number
Ambridge Borough 724-266 4070 Aliquippa School District 724-857-7500‎
Baden Borough 724-869-3700 Ambridge Area School District 724-266-2833
Beaver Borough 724-773-6700 Beaver Area School District 724-774-4010
Big Beaver Borough 724-827-2416 Big Beaver Falls Area School District 724-843-3420
Bridgewater Borough 724-774-7615 Blackhawk Area School District 724-846-6600
Brighton Township 724-774-4800 Central Valley School District 724-775-5600
Center Township 724-774-0271 Freedom Area School District 724-775-7400
Chippewa Township 724-843-8177 Hopewell Area School District 724-375-6691
City Of Aliquippa 724-375-5188 Midland School District 724-643-8650
City Of Beaver Falls 724-375-5188 New Brighton Area School District 724-843-1795
Conway Borough 724-869-5550 Riverside School District 724-758-7512
Darlington Borough 724-827-8565 Rochester Area School District 724-775-7500
Darlington Township 724-827-8738 South Side Area School District 724-573-9581
Daugherty Township 724-846-5337 Western Beaver School District 724-643-8500
East Rochester Borough 724-775-0363
Eastvale Borough 724-846-0020
Economy Borough 724-869-4779
Ellwood City Borough 724-758-7777
Fallston Borough 724-846-1865
Frankfort Springs 724-947-5178
Franklin Township 724-758-9702
Freedom Borough 724-728-5744
Georgetown Borough 724-573-9808
Glasgow Borough (330) 303-3940
Greene Township 724-573-1111
Hanover Township 724-899-2642
Harmony Township 724-266-1910
Homewood Borough 724-573-0865
Hookstown Borough 724-573-0865
Hopewell Township 724-378-1460
Independence Township 724-378-3739
Industry Borough 724-643-4360
Koppel ,Borough 724-846-8960
Marion Township 724-452-1986
Midland Borough 724-643-4170
Monaca Borough 724-775-9600
New Brighton Borough 724-846-1870
New Galilee Borough 724-336-3204
New Sewickley Township 724-774-7822
North Sewickley Township 724-843-5826
Ohioville Borough 724-643-1920
Patterson Heights Borough 724-495-6220
Patterson Township 724-843-8339
Potter Township 724-495-6220
Pulaski Township 724-843-5247
Raccoon Township 724-495-6587
Rochester Borough 724-775-1200
Rochester Township 724-774-0135
Shippingport Borough 724-643-4333
South Beaver Township 724-846-9320
South Heights Borough 724-378-9939
Vanport Township 724-774-6420
West Mayfield Borough 724-847-1867
White Township 724-843-2819

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