Butler County, PA - Real Estate Assessment Search & Property Lookup

This page will explain how to lookup & search the real estate tax assessment, owner, & mailing address of a property in Butler County, Pennsylvania

Butler County search pageThis link will take you to the Butler County search page:  http:///maps.co.butler.pa.us/

In the upper corner of the web page, click on the binocular icon. A small window will open to allow you to search for the property assessment and ownership in Butler County. Butler County look up icon

You should see this page. Simply enter the name of the property owner, address or parcel id.

You can search by:

Butler County search window

Use the scroll bar on the right to see all of the results. It's narrow and hard to see. If necessary, you can move the pop up window on your computer screen. You will see this page.

.Butler County results page

That's all there is to it. You can use the Butler County tax calculator to estimate the property taxes. The calculator should be useful for real estate agents to update the property taxes on their listings. So here's how it works:

Butler County Tax Calculator

There you have it, but what if the tax rates change? You can backspace out the pre-filled tax rates and enter the correct millage (click outside the box after entering the rate(s) to "lock in" your values.

Butler County Rate Change