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Allegheny County & Pittsburgh Property Assessment

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Picture of the City of PittsburghHow do I search for my assessment and real estate taxes for my home in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania?
The first step in calculating the property tax in Allegheny County, PA, is to find the assessment for the property.

The Property Search Tutorial will thoroughly explain the procedure of searching the property assessment on the Allegheny County web site.

Animated cartoon of thief with pile of moneyHow do I calculate my real estate taxes for my house in Allegheny County? This page will walk you through the calculation - Tax Calculation Tutorial

What are the property tax rates for my borough, township and county? The Borough & Township Tax Rates page lists the municipal tax rates.

What are the tax rates for my school district?

Remember all the hype about legalizing gambling in Pennsylvania; and how it was going to lower our property taxes? How much did you save? Proceed to the School Tax Rates page.

I need a phone number and address for my tax collector - Here they are - Tax Collectors

I need a phone number for my borough, township, or school district
- Go here - Phone Numbers

What's a Homestead Exclusion and do I qualify? Are there any discounts for senior citizens? The Frequently Asked Questions page has the answer

I need a good laugh 

This does it for me . . .

Your House As Seen By Yourself…

Your House As Seen By: Yourself

Your Buyer…

Your Buyer

Your Lender…

Your Lender

Your Appraiser…

Your Appraiser

The Allegheny County Tax Assessor…

The County Tax Assessor

Photos used under Creative Commons from jmd41280

Allegheny County Assessments - 3 Biggest Mistakes

This video will help explain 3 common mistakes made by property owners in Allegheny County property tax assessment appeals.

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