How do I estimate my Allegheny County property taxes?

Step 1 - Find your property tax assessment on the Allegheny County Assessment search page. (a new window will open up in your browser).

Step 2 - Find the local, school, and Allegheny tax rates here:
Borough & Township Tax Rates
School District Tax Rates
and return to this page. The school tax year spans from from July 1, 20xx to June 31, 20xx. The new school tax millage will be established by the school boards by June 31st, 20xx. You should receive the 20xx tax bill in July of this year.

Step 3 - Draw a simple chart like the one below.

Step 4 - Working with decimals can be awfully confusing and subject to error, so divide the result by 1,000 to arrive at the annual tax bill for the Allegheny properties.

Allegheny County PA - Property Tax Calculation
BY 1,000
Aleppo Township 85,000 X 5.00 = 425,000 $425
Quaker Valley School District 85,000 X 20.00 = 1,700,000 $1,700
Allegheny County 70,000 X 4.69 = 328,300 $328.30
TOTAL           $2,453.30

What's a mill and why do I need to divide by 1,000?

A "mill" is one thousandths or - .001, however, Allegheny lists the tax rates as:

Allegheny PA - Property Tax Calculation
Aleppo Township 5.00 0.005
Quaker Valley School District 20.00   0.020
Allegheny County 4.69   0.00469
TOTAL     0.02969

So just add up the tax millage and multiply the total by the Allegheny assessment and divide by 1,000

McDonald and Trafford Boroughs require special calculations because some homes are located in adjacent counties. Contact the tax collector for the property tax cost in these municipalities. The City of Clairton, City of Duquesne, and the City of McKeesport have land calculations.

The Assessment Search Tutorial will thoroughly explain the procedure of searching the property assessment on the Allegheny web site.

Remember all the hype about legalizing gambling in Pennsylvania; and how it was going to lower our property taxes? How much did you save? Proceed to the School Tax Rates page.