Pennsylvania Title Insurance Rate & Deed Transfer Tax Calculator

PA State FlagPennsylvania title insurance rates are regulated by the PA Department of Insurance; therefore the title insurance premiums are the same with all title insurers.  Pennsylvania revised the title insurance rates effective 7-01-2012. The State eliminated the10 year reissue rate, the new construction rate & 2-4 refinance rates, Here is the new PA Rate Manual. This PA title insurance calculator will estimate the title insurance premium for purchase and refinance mortgage loans. For information on the Pennsylvania deed transfer tax, click here for information on the PA Transfer Tax. Add this calculator to your web site -

  Pennsylvania Title Insurance & Closing Cost Calculator  
  Selling price of property          
  Mortgage Amount    
  Title Insurance
  Policy Type    
  Owners Policy   Lenders Policy  
  Total Tile Insurance Cost      
  Additional Premium for Enhanced Coverage  
  Basic Coverage: Most buyers obtain Basic Coverage.  
  Choose Owners Policy for title insurance without lender (loan) coverage. Remove loan amount.  
  Pennsylvania home buyers typically pay the title insurance policy in full  
  Title Insurance Endorsements
  PA - 100 (Restrictions, Encroachments)      
  PA - 300 (Survey Endorsement)      
  PA - 900 (Environmental Protection)      
  PA - 820 (PUD)      
  PA - 810 (Condominium)      
  PA - 710 (Variable Rate Endorsement)      
  Enhanced Coverage Endorsement      
  Closing Protection Letter      
  Total Endorsement Cost      
  Enhanced Coverage Endorsements include: 100, 300, 900, 820, 810, 710 & 1030