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Idaho Title Insurance Rate Calculator

Idaho State flagThis Idaho title insurance calculator will estimate the title insurance rates for one to four family, owner residential units and condominiums. According to Stewart Title Guaranty, Idaho does not have transfer taxes on conveyances. Mortgage Transfer Taxes - Idaho does not have a mortgage tax. Recording Fees - Recording fees for a document are $3.00 per page. Search and Examination Fees - The search and examination fees are included in the title insurance premium in Idaho. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment. Last updated 6/2018.


  Idaho Title Insurance & Transfer Tax Calculator    
  Selling price of property      
  Mortgage Amount      
  Title Insurance      
  Extended Owner's Policy    
  CFPB Owner's Title Policy Disclosure Calculation    
  Owner's Policy (Actual Premium)      
  Simultaneous Loan Policy (Actual Premium)  
  Stand-alone Loan Policy (Actual Premium)    
  CFPB - Owner's Policy Disclosed Amount    
  Title Insurance Premium Adjustment      
  Closing Protection Letter (2nd mortgage letter add $25) $25.00  
  * Includes simultaneous fee      
  Title Insurance Endorsements      
  9-06 Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals ($40.00)      
  22-06 Address Endorsements - ($25)      
  8.1-06 Environmental Protection Lien - Residential, Up To A 4-Plex - $25.00      
  4-06 (Alta 4) Condominium - $75.00      
  5-06 (Alta 5) Planned Unit Development - $50.00      
  6-06 Variable Rate Mortgage - $25.00      
  6.2-06 Variable Rate - Negative Amortization - $25.00      
  102.4 Foundation Endorsement - Residential: $40.00      
  102.5 Foundation Endorsement No Encroachment Of Improvements Onto Easement; Residential: $40.00      
  104.3 Assignment Of Mortgage Or Beneficial Interest - No Charge If Issued With in one Year Of Policy Date; Otherwise 25% Of Scheduled Rate Of Balance Due On Loan ($40.00 Min)        
  108.8 Additional Advances - $40.00 Plus Scheduled Rate For Increased Liability Amount($50.00 Min)        
  11-06 Modification Of Deed Of Trust - Alta 10% Of The Scheduled Rate Based Upon Unpaid Balance Of The Loan - $40.00 Min.        
  111.10 Revolving Credit (Optional Advance) - $25.00      

This Idaho title insurance calculator is loosely based on the Stewart title insurance manual. Idaho title insurance rate card effective 9/21/2016

Who pays for the title insurance premium in Idaho?

By custom, the seller pays the owners policy and the buyer pays the lenders policy, assuming the purchase is financed.