Maine Title Insurance and Transfer Tax Calculator

Maine State FlagThe Maine title insurance rate calculator is based on Stewart Title Guaranty rates for 1 – 4 unit residential properties and condominiums. The buyer customarily pays for both the owner's and loan policies in Maine. Mortgage Transfer Taxes: The State of Maine does not have a mortgage tax. Search and Examination Fees: The purchaser customarily pays the search and examination fees. Deed Transfer Taxes and Documentary Stamps: The current rate for transfer tax is $2.20 per every five hundred dollars of consideration. The transfer tax is customarily split evenly between the seller and the purchaser. Maine has a withholding tax that is payable upon the sale of real estate by non-residents of Maine. The current withholding tax rate is 2.5% of the gross sales price. A non-resident may file for an exemption from this tax if they can prove that there was not a profit made on the sale. Additional title insurance calculators can be found here: Title Insurance Page


  Maine Title Insurance & Transfer Tax Calculator
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