Rhode Island Title Insurance Rate & Transfer Tax Calculator

Rhode Island State FlagThe Rhode Island title insurance rate calculator is based on Stewart Title Guaranty rates (10/12) for 1 – 4 unit residential properties and condominiums. Rhode Island does not require that title insurance rates be filed. The purchaser usually pays for both the owner's and loan policies. According to Stewart Title Guaranty: Mortgage Transfer Taxes - Rhode Island does not have a mortgage tax. Search and Examination Fees - Title insurance premiums do not include the search and examination fee. The purchaser usually pays the search and examination fee in Rhode Island. Deed Transfer Taxes and Documentary Stamps - The deed transfer tax is known as the realty transfer tax in Rhode Island. The current rate is $2.00 per $500.00. Deed transfer tax is paid by seller.  Please send me an E-mail if you're a lender or settlement company and are willing to collaborate on this project. Additional title insurance calculators can be found here: Title Insurance Page


  Rhode Island Title Insurance Calculator
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