VA loans in Florida and Fla VA loan calculator

Florida state flagAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 1.6 million veterans in Florida. If you are eligible for a VA home loan, you will be happy to know that VA mortgages do not require a down payment! That’s right, zero down payment with a VA home loan! And, the seller is allowed to pay all of your closing costs. With low interest rates, no down payment and seller paid closing costs, now is the time to buy a home in Florida. Use the Florida VA calculator to estimate your VA loan payment and loan amount. The Florida calculator will also estimate the VA funding fee for active duty vets and reservists. Learn more about Veteran Loans.

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  VA Mortgage Calculator for Florida
  Florida County
  Sales Price (or Appraisal whichever is less)
  Down Payment
  VA Eligibility
  Funding Fee  
  Used entitlement (not restored, if applicable)
  Interest Rate
  Monthly Loan Payment
  Principal & Interest  
  Annual Real Estate Taxes /12 =  
  Annual Homeowners Insurance /12 =  
  VA Mortgage Amount
  Base Mortgage  
  VA Funding Fee  
  Full Mortgage  
  Required Down Payment  
  Guaranty Percentage  

VA Home Loans Questions

► Who pays closing costs with a VA loan in Florida?

The buyer usually pays the closing costs on a VA loan in Florida. However, the VA permits the seller to pay some or all the veteran's closing costs.

► Who pays for termite inspection on a VA loan?

The VA requires the seller to pay for the termite inspection.

► Can a VA loan be used to buy an investment property in Florida?

The VA loan is intended for owner occupied dwellings and not for investors. Unless the dwelling is a one to four unit building and the veteran buyer will live in one of the units.