2013 - 2014 Beaver County Property Tax Calculator

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Use the Beaver County property tax calculator to verify your tax bill or to estimate the annual real estate taxes with a different assessment. Beaver County real estate agents should find this calculator useful to estimate the property taxes on their listings. Prospective home buyers can estimate the real estate taxes based on a new sales price. Enter the ASSESSED VALUE for land and building as presented by the Beaver County assessment page. You can change the real estate tax millage numbers by backspacing out the entered value and typing in the correct millage rate. I encourage you to verify the correct tax rate for the municipality and school district, because it's too difficult to maintain the exact millage rate for each taxing body. The use of this calculator is intended for illustrative purposes only. No warranties are expressed or implied (last updated 9/2013). Learn more about property assessment and real estate taxes for Beaver County

Choose the municipality with the drop down box and enter the information as it is presented on the Beaver County Web Site. If the millage is incorrect, back space out the pre-filled values and enter the new value. Click out side the box after entering the new value(s).  
Assessed Value   County Assessed Value  
Land Value   Land Value  
Building Value   Building Value  
Total Value   Total Value  
Beaver County        
School Tax        
Beaver County        
DISTRICT Municipality Building Land   Building Land
City Of Beaver Falls  
8 City Of Aliquippa  
Ambridge Borough  
13 Baden Borough  
14-16 Beaver Borough  
17 Bridgewater Borough  
18 Conway Borough  
19 Darlington Borough  
20 East Rochester Borough  
21 Eastvale Borough  
22 Ellwood City Borough  
23 Fallston Borough  
24 Frankfort Springs Borough  
25-27 Freedom Borough  
28 Georgetown Borough  
29 Glasgow Borough  
30 Homewood Borough  
31 Hookstown Borough  
32 Koppel Borough  
33 Midland Borough  
34-38 Monaca Borough  
39-43 New Brighton Borough  
44 New Galilee Borough  
45 Patterson Heights Borough  
46-49 Rochester Borough  
50 Shippingport Borough  
51 South Heights Borough  
52 West Mayfield Borough  
53 Big Beaver Borough  
54 Vanport Township  
55 Brighton Township  
56 Center Township  
57 Chippewa Township  
58 Darlington Township  
59 Daugherty Township  
60 Economy Borough  
61 Franklin Township  
62 Greene Township  
63 Hanover Township  
64 Harmony Township  
65 Hopewell Township  
66 Independence Township  
67 Industry Borough  
68 Marion Township  
69 New Sewickley Township  
70 North Sewickley Township  
71 Ohioville Borough  
72 Patterson Township  
73 Potter Township  
74 Pulaski Township  
75 Raccoon Township  
76 Rochester Township  
77 South Beaver Township  
78 White Township