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Michigan Title Insurance

Michigan seller closing costs & net proceeds calculator

Adding machine calculatorEasily calculate the Michigan home seller closing costs and seller "net" proceeds with this calculator. Simply enter the property sale (or list) price in the designated box. You can adjust the various closing costs if needed. The seller calculator will estimate the Michigan state and county transfer tax. The transfer tax is typically paid by the seller. The calculator also estimates the "owner's" title insurance policy. The owner's policy is usually paid by the home seller. The real estate tax proration calculator will estimate whether the seller will owe the buyer unpaid real estate taxes at settlement or receive a reimbursement for summer and winter taxes. Please send me an E-mail if you see an error or want to make a comment.


  1. What is the selling or listing price?
  2. Broker Services
  3. Deed Preparation
  4. Home Warranty
  5. Mortgage Payoff (from below)
  6. Over night mailing fee
  7. Pest Inspection
  8. Realtor Commission - Flat dollar amount*  
  9. Realtor Commission Percentage  
  10. Recording and Discharge Fees
  11. Seller Cost Contribution  
  12. Seller Cost Contribution - Flat dollar amount*  
  13. Settlement Fee
  14. Tax Proration    
  15. Title Insurance (Owners Policy)  
  16. Transfer Tax - County  
  17. Transfer Tax - State  
  18. Water Hold
  Realtor Commission - Flat dollar amount* - If the commission is a flat dollar amount (i.e. $6,000), enter that amount on line 9. The cost will over ride the percentage calculation.
  Seller Cost Contribution* - If the seller is paying a flat dollar amount toward the seller assist, enter the cost on line 13. The cost will over ride the percentage calculation. Make sure you are within the maximum allowable cost for a seller assist.
  21. 1st MORTGAGE
  22. 2nd MORTGAGE
  23. Other Lien(s)