How much is title insurance in Texas?

Texas State FlagEasily calculate the Texas title insurance rate. Title insurance policy forms and endorsements are regulated by the Department of Insurance. Texas does not have a mortgage tax. Texas does not have deed transfer taxes or documentary stamps. Typically, recording fees for a document are $9.00 for the first page and $2.00 for each additional page. Some counties add preservation fees. This calculator was updated to reflect the new title insurance rates effective May 1, 2013. Although negotiable, the seller pays for the owner's policy and the purchaser pays for the loan policy. Additional title insurance rate calculators can be found here: Title Insurance Page.
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  Texas Title Insurance Calculator
  Selling price of property  
  Mortgage Amount  
  Title Insurance
  Owners Loan
  Policy Type Policy Policy
  Title Insurance Endorsements      
  Policy Guaranty Fee  
  Tax Deletion:  
  Not Yet Due and Payable  
  T-17 PUD  
  T-19 (Rest/Encro/Mineral)  
  T-19.2 Mineral & Surface Damage  
  T-19.3 Mineral & Surface Damage  
  T-28 (Condo)      
  T-31 Manufactured Housing  
  T-31.1 Manfactured Housing  
  T-33 Variable Rate Mortgage  
  T-35 Revolving Credit  
  T-36 EPA  
  T-39 (Balloon)  
  T-42 Home Equity      
  T-42.1 Supplemental Home Equity      
  Total Endorsements