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Contained on this page are a variety of online mortgage tools, hyperlinks, and web calculators for mortgage lenders, brokers, and mortgage bankers; including online title insurance and transfer tax calculators; including a link to a great mortgage calculator excel spreadsheet.

I created this web page because I was tired of weeding through my bookmarks for web sites. I wanted a source of web based calculators to discuss mortgage options with customers online; and to make simple mortgage calculations without going through a laborious LOS program. The use of these calculators are for illustrative purposes only. I can not and do not guarantee the applicability or accuracy of these calculators. If you desire a calculator, or see an inaccuracy, please send me an E-Mail - AnytimeEstimate

FHA Home Loans

FHA Calculators

Veteran Mortgage

Veteran Loan Calculators!

Who owns my mortgage?

Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) are designed to make mortgages more affordable. The government sponsored loan programs are only available to existing mortgage owned by either the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)

Federal National Mortgage Association
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Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
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Affordable Income & Property Eligibility Lookup

USDA Home Loan


Borrowers can obtain a transcript of their income tax return by calling 1-800-829-1040

FFIEC - Geocoding

Geocoding System Lookup

Stated Income Loans - Read more

3. (c)  Loan Prepayment Calculator
This calculator estimates the loan payoff with an additional monthly payment. In other words, "if I pay an additional "$" every month, how soon will I pay off the loan"?
Prepayment Calculator

CalculatorLoan Payment Calculator
Easily compare loan fully amortizing, biweekly, and interest only loan payments. Compare interest rates and loan terms.
Loan Payment Comparison

Balancing scaleDebt to Income Calculator
Simple calculator that estimates the "ideal" loan payment based on monthly income and debt
Debt to Income Calculator

Loan comparison - Compare three loan scenarios side by side

Annual Percentage Rate Calculator

This APR calculator will compare three loan scenarios' and "estimate" the difference between the simple interest rate and APR rate. APR Calculator

Monthly Income Calculator

Tired of banging on your calculator to arrive at the year to date, bimonthly, every other week income? Easily calculate the monthly income from the hourly wage, average income and more.
Prequalification & Monthly Income

Property Tax Proration
This calculator sorts the real estate taxes at closing based on the closing date. Very popular with closing companies.
Property Tax Proration Calculator

The name says it all -
Beer calculator
Pizza calculator

Looking for some sophisticated Excel spreadsheets? Take a look at the following spreadsheets produced by


Title Insurance & Transfer Tax Calculators

The following calculators will estimate the title insurance and transfer tax for many US states. Several title and transfer tax calculators also include typical closing costs. If you're a mortgage mortgage broker or mortgage company and are willing to collaborate on a good faith estimate for your state, please contact me by E-mail.

Seller Closing Cost  Calculators

Mortgage Insurance Companies

Self Employed Calculator

Looking for an easy way to estimate the annual or monthly income from tax returns? Do you cringe when you hear IRS schedules C, 2106, and K-1’s? Here is an easy online tool to pull the allowable income for a mortgage

Self Employed Cash Flow Worksheet