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Allegheny county tax calculator

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PA property tax and rent rebate program

Allegheny County, PA - Property Tax Assessment Search & Lookup

How much can you save if you win a lower assessment? Use the Allegheny County property tax and assessment calculator

Emoticon with magnifying glassThis page will explain how to lookup your Allegheny County property tax assessment and explain the use of the Allegheny County tax calculator to estimate your property taxes in Allegheny County, PA.

Hopefully, these pages will help you with your assessment appeal.

This link >>> Allegheny County Assessment search page, will open a new window in your browser and take you to the Allegheny County, PA search page. You should see this page: Once you find you the property assessment, you can estimate the property taxes with the Allegheny County Tax Calculator. This calculator should be useful if you are considering appealing your property taxes. This calculator will estimate how much you can lower your property taxes if you win the assessment (tax) appeal.

Remember all the hype about legalizing gambling in Pennsylvania; and how it was going to lower our property taxes? How much did you save? Proceed to the School Tax Rates page.

Read the Disclaimer and if you agree, click on the Continue button:

Allegheny County Disclaimer

Disclaimer Continue Button

You should be at this screen:

Allegheny County Search Page

Enter the street name, in the Street Name box - Do not enter the house number in this box, enter the house number in the House Number box. If you want to lookup the entire street, leave the House Number box vacant. If you know the borough or township, use the drop down box. Click Search.

Allegheny County Search Tutorial

You are now at the search result.

Results page for Allegheny County

Click on the number to the left of the property that you are looking for

Parcel ID

At the bottom of the page, you will see two sets of numbers, Full Market Value and County Assessed Value. The township, borough & school district assessed value is based on the Full Market Value, and Allegheny County's assessed Value is based on the County Assessed Value to the right.

Property Data Card

You will notice that the County Assessed Value is lower than the local and school district. The reason is that Allegheny County allows a reduction in the assessed valuation for a Homestead exemption.

This reduction reduces the tax paid to Allegheny County. The homestead exemption (or reduction) does not apply to the borough, township or school district property taxes.

Location of Assessed Values

Allegheny County Tax Calculator

I developed this calculator to help me estimate the tax savings by appealing my Allegheny County tax assessment. In short, how much would I reduce my taxes by lowering my assessment. The calculator should also be useful for real estate agents to update the property taxes on their listings. So here's how it works:

Allegheny County Calculator Input Screen

The Building Value may be lower on the County Assessed Value side. The reason is due to the homestead exemption. The homestead exemption only applies to the Allegheny County assessment, not to the local and school tax assessment. After you enter the tax numbers, click outside the box to "lock in" your choice. Now if you want to see how much you can reduce your property taxes by appealing your assessment, reduce the "Building" value by say, $10,000 and see the revised property taxes.

Millage Change

Keeping up with the municipal and school millage rates is difficult to say the least, so, you can revise the millage rates in this way. As you scroll down on the calculator, you will see a listing of the municipal, school and tax rates. You can back space out the pre-filled values and enter the correct tax millage. After entering the correct value, click outside the box to "lock in" the tax rate.

Allegheny County Tax Rate Change

Proceed to the - Allegheny County Tax Calculator