Westmoreland County, PA - Assessment Search & Property Tax


How do I search for my assessment and property taxes for my home in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania?

The first step in calculating the property tax in Westmoreland County, PA, is to find the assessment for the property. The Assessment Search Tutorial will thoroughly explain the procedure of searching the property assessment on the Westmoreland County web site.

How do I calculate my property taxes for my house in Westmoreland County? Should I appeal my property taxes?

This Property Tax Calculation page will walk you through the calculation

What are the property tax rates for my borough, township and county?

The 2014 Borough & Township Tax Rates page lists the 2014 municipal tax rates.

What are the tax rates for my school district?

The 2014 - 2015 School District Tax Rates page lists the 2014 - 2015 school tax rates.

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Your House As Seen By: Yourself…

Your house as seen by yourself

Your Buyer…

Your Buyer

Your Lender…

Your Lender

Your Appraiser…

Your Appraiser

The County Tax Assessor…

The County Tax Assessor

Westmoreland County Courthouse photo used under Creative Commons from wikipedia.org