Beaver County, PA - Property Assessment Search & Tax Calculator

Investigative Report: Chief County Solicitor’s $371,000 Condo Still Appraised At $850 For Tax Purposes

February 16th, 2016
Beaver County Chief Solicitor Bernie Rabik is now living in a condominium on a golf course in Hopewell Township he purchased last year with his wife — a search by the Beaver Countian of county tax records shows the property has not been properly appraised for tax purposes. Records maintained by the Beaver County Assessment and Tax Claims Office show that Bernie Rabik purchased a condominium nestled within the Shadow Lakes golf course in Hopewell Township (Unit 105-A) on October 29th of last year. Rabik recently told the Beaver Countian that he and his wife have already moved into the premises and had placed their previous house on the market. Read more

Developer CJ Betters Files Lawsuit Against County – Seeks To Force Countywide Property Reassessments

December 22nd, 2015
Local real estate tycoon CJ Betters has filed a lawsuit against Beaver County and County Commissioners Tony Amadio, Joe Spanik, and Dennis Nichols, along with Chief County Assessor Michael Kohlman, asking a judge to force officials to conduct reassessments of every single property in the county. “Presently, the Defendants have failed to reassess the entire County of Beaver since 1982,” wrote attorney John Havey in the court filing on behalf of Betters, “a period of thirty-three (33) years and the valuations placed on the various properties throughout the County have become so disparate that a county-wide revision of assessments is necessary. It is believed and therefore averred it is necessary for revaluation of all property within Beaver County to bring its system up to date and to clear up inequities for the owners of those properties who are having their tax burden subsidized by owners of other properties.” Read more

How do I calculate my property taxes in Beaver County?

The first step in calculating the property tax in Beaver County, PA, is to find the assessment for the property. The Assessment Search Tutorial will thoroughly explain the procedure of searching the property assessment on the Beaver County web site.

Step 1 - Find your real estate assessment on the Beaver County Assessment Page.

Step 2 - Find the local, school, and Beaver County tax rates here: Municipality & School District Tax Rates and return to this page.

Step 3 - Draw a simple chart like the one below.

Step 4 - Working with decimals can be awfully confusing and subject to error, so divide the result by 1,000 to arrive at the annual tax bill for the Beaver County properties.

Beaver County PA - Property Tax Calculation
City or town $23,500 X 32.00 = $752,000.00 $752.00
School District $23,500 X 61.00 = $1,433,500.00 $1,433.50
Beaver County $23,500 X 22.20 = $521,700.00 $521.70
TOTAL 115.00 $2,707.20

What's a mill and why do I need to divide by 1,000?

A "mill" is one thousandths or - .001, however, Beaver County lists the tax rates as:

Beaver County PA - Property Tax Calculation
Big Beaver Falls Area School District 61   0.0061
Beaver County 22.2   0.00222
TOTAL 115   0.0115

So just add up the tax millage and multiply the total by the Beaver County assessment and divide by 1,000

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If you find it difficult to pay the county, school or municipality real estate taxes, why not speak to a lender about a reverse mortgage. There is no monthly payment, no income or credit requirement. Why struggle? Use the equity in your home to pay the taxes, make improvements or take a well earned vacation. Read more